Water fairies, light as dragonfly wings, come to the aid of their sisters Bees. Ethereal hay figures, recalling an ancestral female who supports the world of nature, with determination and delicacy, with love and presence. Figures accompanied by meadow smell and flowers’ simplicity, beautiful in their honest candor, that can speak to our hearts. We need to stop and understand that we can help the world of bees even with small gestures, creating flowery pastures in a simple vase on our balcony, or in an uncultivated plot of land. A moral duty, a small – great – commitment that we can make in order to help bees. Small gestures of awareness that can save us all, for we are intimately connected with bees through the food chain. Let's take care of our little friends by creating flowery pastures for them. Let's start promoting the melliferous plants so that they are able to support bees throughout the year.

  • Measurements: Height 170 cm; base 60 cm.
  • Weight: variable
  • Materials: Hay, Rope, Wood, Metal
  • Price: upon request.

Work realized and exhibited at: "Orticola 2019" in Milan, baroque fountain at Indro Montanelli gardens.

Illustration: Elisa Tomat