I remember the mountains of fur that mama rabbit ripped from her hips to make the nest for her little bunnies, and how her alarmed eyes met mine, spying on her behind the straw. Her action was so intimate and intense, leaving me constantly amazed.
However, something would go wrong sometimes, and I would be given this bundle of newborn bunnies to hold in my lap, that I cared for and nurtured with love.
In order to warm them up I did what their mother would, and used skin to skin contact.
I remember feeling that soft contrast between their fluffy fur and their nails on my belly and it gave me goosebumps.
Then, I would climb up to my imaginary house on the elder tree near the pigsty, and there I cuddled them in my hay nest. With them, I tiptoed into the depths of life.

  • Measurements: 50cm x 35cm circa
  • Weight: from 3 Kg approximately
  • Materials: Hay, Twine, Metal Mesh, Wood, Screws
  • Price: starting from €350 for the smaller ones

Rabbits can be replicated in any shape and size.

For exhibitions, rentals or other commercial information, please contact: marketing@juliaartico.it